About Us


Toastmasters is an organisation which can appear a little overwhelming at first glance. However, anyone who has been in Toastmasters for a while will tell you that Toastmasters can be rewarding, challenging, educational, exciting and a great way to meet and make new friends. Stafford Heights Toastmasters is all this and more.

Our club was first formed in October 1982. Since that time we have helped many members, both past and present, to become more confident. The club promotes “hands on” experience, or “learning by doing”. We have found that this is the only way to improve your listening, thinking and speaking skills. Toastmasters promotes better communication, a skill that can be used by every person in his or her daily life.

SHTM has members from diverse cultural backgrounds and has a wonderful mix of youth and experience. The club welcomes all people over the age of 18 years.

We learn by doing…..

Although education is our prime objective, Stafford Heights Toastmasters Club, like all Toastmasters Clubs is organised not as a class but as a club.

A Toastmasters club format is not a formal course in public speaking (as is the Speechcraft 6 week course). It is an ongoing series of experiences that will directly involve you in a variety of communication situations. The principles you will learn are basic to any form of interpersonal communication, whether your audience consists of one or one thousand.

We learn with others…..

Our Club is a workshop for you to develop communication and leadership skills amongst a group of people who are there for much the same reasons that you are. Members draw strength from one another and take pride in helping each other grow and develop. This spirit of camaraderie and mutual support is one of the most satisfying benefits of Toastmasters membership. It also makes learning fun.

A message to potential and new members….

All our members were once new members or wondering whether to join. At some time in the past they all felt as you might be feeling.

Apprehension, will I or won’t I join? Rest assured that all our members will encourage and help you to learn and improve and in turn they will learn from you. The benefits are many when you join a Toastmasters Club like Stafford Heights. For further info., just email us. See Contact Us page; and one of our friendly Toastmasters will get back to you.

The following is a typical Stafford Heights Toastmasters meeting agenda

(Visitors are welcome to attend as often as they like and do not have to participate – just look on and enjoy if you wish.)

Clock Time Agenda Item Allocated Time
6:30 Meet and Greet
7:00 Opening by Sergeant at Arms
7:03 Welcome by President
Objectives of Toastmasters are read
Introduction of Toastmaster (MC)
Introduction of Timekeeper
7:08 Wordmaster 2-3 mins
7:12 Round Robin 10 mins
7:22 Speech 1 5-7 mins
7:30 Speech 2
(Speech 3 if no Business Session)
(Times and Vote for Best Speech)
5-7 mins
7:40 Table Topics (90 sec Impromptu Speeches) 10 mins
Revenge Topic
(Times and Vote for Best Table Topic)
2-3 mins
7:50 Speech 1 Evaluation 2-3 mins
7:55 Speech 2 Evaluation
(Speech 3 if no Business Session)
2-3 mins
8:00 BREAK (Coffee, Tea, Beer)
(Motions in writing given to Business Chairman)
8:14 Call to Order
8:15 Business Session (held once per quarter) 20 mins
8:35 Soapbox 2-3 mins
8:40 Table Topics Evaluation 5 mins
8:47 Joke Master 3 mins
8:50 Parliamentarian (Business Session Evaluation) 2-3 mins
8:54 Grammarian & Ah Counter / Listening Critic 5 mins
9:00 General Evaluation (Meeting Evaluation)
(Times and Vote for Best Evaluation and Best Contribution of the Evening)
8-10 mins
9:15 CLOSE